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What Do Children Study In Pre-School Classes?

Learning in this safe and stimulating environment is specially prepared for children aged 18 months to 5 years. Using a blend of the British curriculum and the rich National curriculum, our children are taught Literacy, Numeracy, Personal, Social and health as well as knowledge of the world, which facilitate the development of their cognitive, physical and social skills.

What do children study in Grade school?

Children from age 5 are taken through a series of sound learning experiences organized as whole class teaching, group work or individual work until completion of Year 6. Using a blend of the International Primary Curriculum and the National Curriculum, children develop core skills in Mathematics, English Language, Social studies, ICT and Language proficiency. French and Yoruba as additional languages are introduced from Year 1.

What Do Children Study In Our College

From the first three years of secondary school (Years 7-9), the curriculum becomes broad and intensive with core focus on English, Mathematics and a Nigerian language. From Year 10, subject-selection is based on the post-secondary course of study. To broaden our children's prospects, at home and abroad, our teaching is uniquely infused to prepare them for Local and International School Leaving Exams (WASSCE, GCE, IGCSE) as well as Placement Exams (JAMB, SAT, IELTS, TOEFL).

What Do We Do For Fun?

To spice up our curricular activities, our children explore their talents in lawn tennis, badminton, volleyball, and basketball. We have a standard-sized Swimming pool where our students learn to swim and Football pitch and Tracks where our students learn to play football and compete on the tracks. For mental stimulation, games such as Chess, Scrabble and Monopoly are played at specific times. Fun yet intellectually stimulating, is our Debate, Press, Reading and Writing Clubs.

Welcome to Straitgate College


Citizens of Nigeria at home and in the diaspora always complained about the unsavoury state of affairs in the country, especially with regard to the poor system of education. Few Nigerians went beyond talking about the endemic corruption everywhere. Some citizens chose to leave the country for  "greener pastures" or send their children abroad for sound education.

However, a group of visionary, God-fearing Nigerians decided to do something to solve the problem by establishing a school where Godly attributes, morals, cultural value and ethics would be taught to the students with academics. Thus the primary school – Straitgate Nursery/Primary was founded in 1998 as a place where a Godly generation would be built.

Having succeeded with the primary, they decided to establish Straitgate College in September 2004 as a continuation of a laudable vision of bringing up a crop of young Nigerians who would be made to see the reason why they must make a positive difference in the universe. On this note, we welcome you to navigate through this site to get yourself more acquainted with what we have to offer you as you decide to make your child/children one of the catalysts of change in this 21st century.


Why Choose Us

Building a generation for God.

To build future leaders through functional and moral education in a Godly environment.

SONG 1 Verse 1: As we gather in the school today Holy Spirit come and have your way Have your way As we open our hearts to learn Sweep across our hearts with your Wisdom, Have your way Refrain: Straitgate College is your own school We welcome you, lord we welcome you Straitgate College is your own school, We welcome you today, Lord we welcome you always. Verse 2: As we open our hearts to learn Lets us be a living sacrifice Have your way Be glorified in everything we do Be glorified in everything we say Have your way. Refrain: …/2x


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